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Very Beginners Essential Matwork


For those who have never tried Pilates but want to develop core strength and stability, heighten mind-body awareness, and improve spinal alignment.

Small group classes (6-8 people maximum) taught by a registered Physiotherapist that may be eligible to be covered by extended health benefits. All injuries welcome as this class is very gentle and slow.

The Stott Pilates Method of Pilates incorporates modern theories of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation through its focus on (5) basic principles:

  • Breathing – incorporating proper breathing during exercise may help relax the muscles and avoid unnecessary tension
  • Pelvic Placement – proper positioning of the pelvis and its relationship to the spine and hip joints will affect alignment and ease of movement
  • Rib Cage Placement – Abdominal muscles attach to lower ribs and they must be recruited properly to maintain the rib cage and the thoracic spine in good alignment
  • Scapular Movement and Stability - The scapula (shoulder blades) serve as an anchor for the arms as well as support for the cervical spine (neck). Correct positioning is important so that the muscles around the neck and shoulders do not overwork
  • Head and Cervical Placement - there should be a natural curve in the neck that is maintained along with the position of the head to ensure proper engagement of supporting muscles around the neck and shoulders



Essential Matwork

For those who have experience in Pilates foundational exercises. This class is for people with a good understanding of neutral spine, breathing, and postual alignment and control. This class will deepen the connection and build on the basic foundations of movement. Small group classes (6-8 people maximum).


A great starting point for beginners, the Essential Matwork class teaches the Five Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES, and builds a foundation of exercises. This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop longer, leaner muscles, establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness. Props may be incorporated to add variety. Matwork class capacity is six participants to ensure quality monitoring.


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